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Tradexcel Ceramics Limited
Tradexcel Ceramics Limited

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Tradexcel Ceramics Limited (TCL) is a fully automated ceramic brick manufacturing plant located at Angutia, Mirzapur, Gazipur. The plant came to operation in 2016 with a mission to produce highest quality ceramic bricks for the local market. The daily production capacity is 80000 pieces of bricks per day. TCL is using the most modern Tunnel Kiln & Tunnel Dryer technology, which was the first to be introduced to this market. This technology is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Currently TCL is producing different types of ceramic products such as 10-hole bricks, 3-hole partition blocks, solid bricks, Bull Nose bricks and various cladding tiles and roof tiles. This plant is also capable of manufacturing tailor made products according to the designs as desired by the customers. All TCL products are produced maintaining the highest quality with regards to shape, size and color.

10 Hole Bricks

  • This brick has the maximum capacity to bind with cement.
  • Uniformity in color, size and shape.
  • This brick is free from cracks and other flaws such as air bubbles, stone nodules etc..
  • According to BUET test report, the compressive strength of this brick is more than 5000 PSI and water absorption is 3.6%.
  • This brick has the ability to withstand pressure, wear & tear which increases the durability of the building.
  • Makes the building heat resistant.
  • Prevents sound pollution.
  • Fire resistant.
  • This brick does not change in volume when soaked in water.
  • This brick is weather resistant.

3 Hole Bricks

  • Ideal to use in high rise buildings.
  • As this brick is light in weight, the weight pressure on the structure of the building is less, which makes the building safer and durable.
  • It provides good sound insulation by reducing external noise effects.
  • Minimizes the risks associated with the earthquake.

Bull Nose

  • Especially made for landscaping.
  • Less slippery as it is made from clay.
  • Eye catching color and shape.
  • Highly recommended for usage in parks and building stairs.

CT-8 and CT-9

  • Extremely low water absorption to resist water seepage stains & fungus growths.
  • Provides insulation from heat.
  • Saves cost of cement Plaster & Paint.
  • Can be used in exterior & interior.
  • Natural color of this tile provides great aesthetic look.
  • Eco friendly & Economical.
  • Maintenance free.

Roof Tiles

  • These tiles significantly improves the thermal efficiency of the building ensuring optimal indoor comfort both in summer and winter.
  • These tiles are made from natural & eco friendly materials.
  • Enhances aesthetic beauty of the building.
  • They are naturally strong and durable.
  • Low maintenance.

AD 15 & 11

  • Heat and sound resistant.
  • Reduces salinity.
  • Designed by famous Architect Mr. Nahas Khalil.
  • These bricks are manufactured maintaining BSEN and ASTM standards.
  • Significantly improves the aesthetic beauty of the structure.

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